Have You Asked Yourself These Questions?


Do I need a plan?

Are you comfortable that you're on the right path to retirement? That you're saving enough, and that your investment accounts are properly allocated? How about issues such as estate planning, college funding, reducing taxes, and long term care? By doing a comprehensive financial plan, we can get a "thirty thousand foot view" of your current financial situation and design a plan for achieving your financial goals.


How should I allocate my funds?

Do you know how much risk you're taking in your investment accounts?  Is it too much?  Is it enough?  We use various tools to help you determine an appropriate asset allocation, and regular reviews to assure assets stay allocated according to your particular objectives.


How do I protect my assets? 

We employ a variety of wealth preservation strategies where and when appropriate. These may range from investments with certain guarantees or benefits, to advanced estate planning strategies designed in concert with your estate planning attorney. Not all things are 100% guaranteed, but if you are looking for lower-volatility investments, or want to protect your assets from capital gains and estate taxes, we may be able to help you.


Who matters most to me?

Our journey through life is often unpredictable. What position would your loved-ones be in if you died, or got sick or hurt, and lost the ability to earn a living?  We can help determine how much and what types of life and disability coverage is appropriate.  In addition, we can help design strategies to protect assets for a surviving spouse or the next generation, or to benefit your favorite charity.


Can I afford to send my child to college?

You're probably aware that the cost of college has vastly outpaced inflation over the past couple of decades.  College funding is an issue that is never far from the minds of young parents--we can offer various strategies for this important goal.


How about a second opinion?

Do you know what you're paying in fees?  How often are you reviewing your plan with your advisor?  Do you understand the investments you have and why you have them?  We are happy to take a look at your current situation and give you an assessment of where you stand.  There is never a charge or obligation to get a second opinion.